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Lunar Logistics Services and Astrobotic selected to fly ESA payload to the Moon

Viper Rover egressing from Griffin; Credit: Astrobotic

Edinburgh / Paris, 28 September 2022. – The European Space Agency (ESA) selected Moon company Astrobotic, and NewSpace start-up Lunar Logistics Services (LLS), to fly the LandCam-X innovative landing sensor camera to the Moon in 2024 on Astrobotic’s Griffin Mission One (GM1), Astrobotic said. The contract will be the first ever commercial delivery to the Moon procured by ESA.

ESA’s LandCam-X is similar to a car’s smart parking camera which will take pictures during landing to improve precision and safety. The Belgian-built camera will be tested on the ground and used to refine European autonomous navigation systems. 

Lat year, ESA decided to fly the camera on a commercial mission and earlier this year, it selected LLS and Astrobotic for the mission. LandCam-X will launch with Astrobotic’s second mission to the Moon planned for 2024. 

“LandCam-X is part of ESA’s wider-ranging lunar exploration campaign that includes science, technology and services which will expand Europe’s economy to the Earth’s eighth continent, the Moon,” said David Parker, ESA’s Director of Human and Robotic Exploration.

Astrobotic’s GM1 will also deliver NASA’s Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) to the lunar South Pole in 2024. The rover will map water ice on the surface of the Moon.

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