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Astra reveals new, larger rocket

Launch System 2.0. Credit: Astra

Edinburgh / Alameda, 17 May 2022. – Launch vehicle company Astra revealed its new launch vehicle, suitable for heavier payloads and more frequent launches. Rocket 4.0 is part of the company’s Launch System 2.0.

The launch vehicle will be able to carry up to 300 kg into low Earth orbit at a base price of US $3.95 million. Rocket 4.0 will use two turbo-pump engines in total that produce approximately a combined 31,000 kg-force of thrust. The rocket will run on liquid oxygen and kerosene. The test launch of Rocket 4.0 is planned for Q4 2022.

Launch System 2.0 is a mobile launch system, requiring fewer people in mission control. The company has already reduced the number of launch operations personnel from 21 to eight and is aiming to further reduce this number. The new system is designed for weekly launches with a recycling time of one day if needed.

Astra is looking to scale up its launch vehicle production simplifying its rockets, however, it is not planning to make its vehicles reusable.

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