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Space Cafe Radio – on tour in Brussels – Niklas Nienass

Chiara Moenter and Niklas Nienass during the Space Cafe Radio talk; Credits: SpaceWatch.Global

In this Space Café Radio – on tour in Brussels at the European Commission, SpaceWatch.Global Event coordinator and Space Cafe Benelux Host Chiara Moenter spoke with Niklas Nienass, German politician of the Alliance 90/The Greens and Member of the European Parliament about the need for space sustainability, international and national space strategies, and the need for space legislation.

Space Cafe Radio brings our talks, our interviews, our impressions to you. In this format, you will hear conversations or the entire team of SpaceWatchers while being out on the road. Each show will have a specific topic, unique content and a very personal touch. Enjoy the show format and let us know your input to [email protected] .

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