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Space Café Podcast Episode 008 Featuring Michelle Hanlon Is Now Available

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present the 8th episode in our podcast series The Space Cafe Podcast: Michelle Hanlon, The legal loophole to remove the American flags on the Moon

Episode 008 features special guest Michelle Hanlon.

Michelle Hanlon was a successful public international law lawyer for decades, until she found out that no one could be held accountable for destroying the legendary footprints on the moon. She decided to do something about it, and the current international race to the moon makes her work a race against time. Michelle is the co-founder of For All Moonkind, a non-governmental organization that puts historic objects on the Moon in the spotlight. Listen more about that fascinating topic in this episode.

The Space Cafe Podcast brings our signature brand of engaging and relevant content from across the global space economy to you via an exciting new format. Together with award winning Executive Producer, Markus Mooslechner (Terra Mater Factual Studios), our fortnightly podcast features highly interesting guests.

Each episode includes a review of  important topics included in SpaceWatch.Global’s bi-weekly newsletter, as well as guest appearances and deep commentary from expert panelists from across the space sector.

Thanks to our global distribution partner, BookWire, the podcast is available on all major podcast platforms.



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