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Exotrail Releases Cloud-Based Mission Design Software And Secures Eutelsat As Its Anchor Customer

ExoOPS screenshot courtesy of Exotrail.

Exotrail has announced the official release of its cloud-based mission design software, ExoOPS™ – Mission Design, which, after extensive testing, is now available for customers. On the occasion of the release, Exotrail has secured a contract for the utilization of the software with leading satellite operator, Eutelsat.

The mission envisioned by Exotrail is surely and steadily becoming a reality, as evidenced by the timely delivery on the milestones set in our roadmap. Following the recent announcements about ExoMG™, our high-thrust, scalable electric propulsion system for small satellites, Exotrail is moving forward with its family of Mission Design and Operations software.

In recent months, and following an extensive software validation process, our Software Development team has enhanced and adjusted ExoOPS™ – Mission Design based on feedback collected from satellite and constellation operators, integrators and space agencies.

In particular, Eutelsat has participated in beta-trial period of the software since last summer, following which it has committed to purchasing a license.

“This further cements the collaboration between Exotrail and Eutelsat, following the announcement that two satellites of Eutelsat’s future ELO constellation (ELO 3 & 4) will also embark Exotrail’s propulsion systems” said David Henri, CEO of Exotrail. “This illustrates that we can help our customers at several stages: mission design, propulsion systems, mission operation. Propulsion can drastically improve the business cases of constellations: we are here to explain how to do it with ExoOPS™ – Mission Design, and then do it with both ExoMG™ and ExoOPS™ – Operations.”

Antonin Hirsch, Project Manager at Eutelsat commented: “We are delighted to count on Exotrail once more to assist us in complex space mechanics issues. With its simple and comprehensive interface and flexible licensing model, ExoOPS™ – Mission Design offers rapid and simple solutions for the optimization of constellation geometries and launch scenarios, low-thrust trajectories, and measuring the impact of propulsion on our systems.”

A free trial version of ExoOPS™ – Mission Design is accessible all the time on our website. Elsewhere, in response to the Coronavirus crisis, which has consigned many space engineers to remote working, a full version of ExoOPS™ – Mission Design will be made available to everyone for a period of a month from Wednesday onward during the confinement period.

This announcement was made on 30 March 2020.

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