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UAE’s TRA Completes Participation In WRC-19

The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai taken by the UAE’s KhlaifaSat. Image courtesy of MBRSC.
The UAE concluded its participation in the World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (WRC-19), held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, with the participation of 165 Member States, thus contributing significantly in highlighting the role of the Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG), and presenting many working papers and opinions on all the topics of the agenda.
The UAE also made many proposals that helped bridge opinions between the participating countries and reach solutions that achieve satisfactory results for the UAE in particular and the Arab region in general.
The UAE participated with a high-level delegation including the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Interior and the UAE service providers.
Tariq Al Awadhi, Executive Director Spectrum Affairs and the Head of the ASMG, said, “The success of the UAE’s participation in the conference is the result of early preparations, which started immediately after the WRC-15, where a national team was assigned to prepare for the WRC-19. The team was chaired by the TRA and included all relevant government entities, as well as operators, manufacturers and suppliers, to benefit from their expertise in achieving the interests of the country and shaping the future of spectrum management.”
WRC-19 addressed the requirements of leading technological innovations that can play a pivotal role in the digital economy in the future, including allocating additional frequency bands for International Mobile Technologies (IMT), enabling the implementation of IMT networks (5G), Earth Stations in Motion that facilitate communication from aircraft, ships and land vehicles with satellites in the geostationary-satellite orbit, etc.
During the conference, several important decisions were taken, including the approval of additional spectrum allocations for IMT 2020 (5G technology).
At the WRC-19, Al Awadhi was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Conference as the Head of the ASMG.
The TRA also received numerous leadership positions for the next session.
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