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ATLAS Space Operations Announces Support for AWS Ground Station

ATLAS Space Operations has announced support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Ground Station within the ATLAS Space Operations Freedom™ Network. The collaboration provides customers with an expanded network of satellite ground stations, simplified satellite management, and easy access to other AWS services for data processing, storage, and analysis.

“ATLAS’ status as a member of the AWS Partner Network stems from our shared value of customer prioritization,” said Sean McDaniel, CEO and Co-Founder of ATLAS. “ATLAS is working with AWS to simplify communications for satellite operators, and I think our customers are going to love leveraging AWS Ground Station from our network.”

As a member of the APN, ATLAS continues to simplify complex tasks by optimizing the value-added AWS services and features that satellite operators need to facilitate a mission. Whether you’re conducting scientific research or operating a mega-constellation of satellites imaging the Earth, ATLAS gives you the Freedom™ to focus on your mission. ATLAS has pre-integrated Freedom™ with the AWS Ground Station network, which means both new and established AWS users are fully covered.

ATLAS provides access to AWS services within the Freedom Platform, allowing satellite operators to access a fully managed ground network for satellite communications, as well as data processing and distribution. Among the many value-added AWS services and features that can be accessed are Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for optimizing network scheduling and load balancing; Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for cloud storage, recording satellite passes, and operations meta-data; Amazon CloudWatch for network monitoring and application level system monitoring; and AWS Site-to-Site VPN for secure ground site/cloud connection.

For example, consider a team of scientists and entrepreneurs who have created a constellation of Earth observation satellites for polar orbit. They need assurance that their data will arrive within a specified timeframe, which is the responsibility of a ground service provider. Should an anomaly arise with a satellite, waiting for the next pass over a pole won’t be acceptable. Through a single integration with Freedom™, ATLAS can provide optimal access to any ATLAS or AWS Ground Station antenna — on demand, and in near-real time. This process provides the end customer with peace of mind knowing that their valuable space assets will be able to deliver critical information.

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