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ABS Hosts Seminar with INTERSAT on Empowering Satellites in Africa

ABS held a Summit with INTERSAT in Nairobi
ABS held a Summit with INTERSAT in Nairobi

ABS and partner, INTERSAT, held a customer event in Nairobi to forge closer partnerships with its customers and re-sellers in Africa.  The full-day workshop, which took place on May 13, provided an opportunity to exchange views on satellite-enabled services to customers and communities across the continent.  The forum included presentations of technologies as well as issues and challenges that arise from operating in Africa, along with customer case studies. Vendor demonstrations were showcased as to how to best serve customers.

Customers from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, DRC, South Africa and other African countries attended this event.

“We were pleased to collaborate with INTERSAT as our premium partner and were overwhelmed with the responses from our clients at the conference. It was interesting to see the success stories from some of our resellers who have ingeniously carved out localized solutions for their respective markets,” said Flavien Bachabi, ABS – Managing Director of Africa. “We thank all our customers, resellers and vendor partners for joining us at this summit”.

CEO, INTERSAT, Hanif Kassam mentioned that “It was a good event from our perspective, and I thank all attendees for their patronage.  The delegate turnout exceeded our expectations and they represented a wide variety of market segments that we serve.  Customers have shown a very strong interest in what we had to talk and showcase, and I am excited to see their responses. My sales-team is already overwhelmed with follow-up meetings, queries and demos, working closely with our partners and resellers. I also thank ABS team for their support and cooperation in making this event a great success.”

With the growing trend to localize content, ABS has partnered with INTERSAT to set up teleport infrastructure in Nairobi to offer data and video services on ABS-3A satellite over both Ku and C-band beams across Sub Saharan Africa.

Resellers and enterprises across Africa can subscribe for SVNO services without investing in a physical hub (no CAPEX). They can also manage their remote sites by subscribing to a pool of bandwidth and have the option for a SVNO license. Clients can create their own bandwidth portfolio and manage use with various contention levels.

INTERSAT has set up a DTH platform on ABS-3A (Ku) which is to facilitate small channel operators, churches and online gaming companies to uplink their channels over DTH on a free-to-view platform. Customers need not incur any CAPEX to build the headend as they can simply send their content over IP to INTERSAT’s teleport which gets uplinked onto the DTH platform at a nominal monthly fee.

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