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Sweden’s Ovzon Selects SSL For First GEO Mobile Broadband Satellite

Image courtesy of Ovzon.

Space Systems Loral (SSL), a subsidiary of Maxar Technologies, will build Ovzon’s first GEO satellite, Ovzon-3, that will significantly increase the performance and coverage area of its existing service.

The company delivers an end-to-end mobile broadband solution that covers locations where traditional telecom services lack coverage or do not perform adequately. With advanced regenerative satellite payloads and unique ultra-small terminals bundled in the service, the Ovzon solution answers the specific needs of many different customer groups such as government, defence, media, and NGOs to connect anywhere and transmit large amounts of data. The Ovzon solution offers speeds up to 80 times faster than competing offerings.

The contract with SSL totals a SEK 1.5 billion (U.S.$165.9 million) investment for the Ovzon-3 including manufacturing, launch, financing, and insurance. The contract is conditional upon Ovzon raising financing.

The satellite features a central On-Board Processor (OBP), developed by Ovzon and already in manufacturing by a third party, tied to high performance steerable beams. The satellite is expected to be completed in 2021 and the launch period with SpaceX has been adjusted accordingly.

“We are very pleased to be able to announce the signed satellite manufacturing contract with SSL. In addition to the significantly increased performance and coverage areas, the satellite will also enable new functionality such as single hop communication between very small terminals and will be a powerful future-proof tool to meet challenging communications requirements. We now continue to strive to further revolutionize mobile broadband via satellite by offering the highest bandwidth through the smallest terminals”, commented Per Wahlberg, CEO of Ovzon.

“Our collaboration with Ovzon underscores the demand for a new class of communication satellite that is flexible, affordable and highly advanced” said Dario Zamarian, Group President of SSL. ”SSL brings the innovation and heritage required to help Ovzon deliver a new class of mobile broadband service to its customers.”

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