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Ukraine’s State Space Agency Board Reviews 2017 Space Activities, Sets 2018 Policy Agenda

Photograph courtesy of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

On 30 March 2018, a meeting of the Ukrainian State Space Agency Collegium was held in the city of Dnipro. During the meeting, the results of the work of enterprises and institutions of the Ukrainian space industry for 2017 were summed up and priority directions of work for the forthcoming period were determined.

The chairman noted that according to the 2017 results, space industry enterprises have produced and sold products for more than U.S.$ 180,000,000.

Compared with the same period of 2016, the commodity output (in comparable prices) increased by 26.3%. The volume of production of gross output (in current prices) increased by 22.0%, and volume of sales increased by 24.0%.

In the reporting period, export of products increased by 8.1% and the exported products share reached 49.3%. Export growth occurred at export-oriented factories of Ukraine: in the state enterprise of special instrumentation “Arsenal” – by 57.4%; in the state enterprise Research-Industrial Complex “Pavlograd Chemical Plant” – by 139.7%; in Yuzhnoye State Design Office – by 19.6%; in Khartron Public Company – by 63.0%.

The chairman noted, in particular, the growth in exports to the European Union, the United States, and other countries (the export turnover is U.S.$80,000,000, which is 92.9% of the total export of the country). Yuzhnoye State Design Office posted a U.S.$ 12,000,000 net profit in 2017, and is the leader of the Ukrainian space industry.

The average monthly salary in the industry increased by 38.8% in comparison with 2016 and is now U.S.$300.

During the reporting period, the industry enterprises took part in producing components and equipment for one Antares space launch vehicle (United States), three Vega space launch vehicles (Europe), and one Zenit-3SLB launch vehicle for the international Sea Launch project.

Taking into account the results of work in 2017, the main tasks for 2018 include:

– approval of the Concept for the State Policy for Space Activities up to 2032;

– approval of the Concept and the National Scientific and Technical Space Programme for 2018-2022;

– participation in production of equipment for the Antares (United States), Vega (Europe), and Zenit-3SLB (Ukraine) launch vehicles and their launch support in the Sea Launch international project;

– fulfilling State Defence Procurement and Acquisition;

– further development of the Ukrainian spacecraft Sich-2-1, Sich-2M, Microsat-M;

– creation of the Cyclone-4 space launch vehicle;

– reconstruction of the Ukrainian National Satellite Communication System Project;

– development of cooperation with the space agencies of the world and international organisations.

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