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Bentley Walker Announces VSAT Service in Afghanistan Using Avanti’s HYLAS-4

Artist’s rendering of Avanti’s Hylas-4. Image courtesy of Orbital ATK.

VSAT network supplier and operator Bentley Walker has announced that it will launch its iDirect-based DVB-S2X service in Afghanistan.

The launch of this service follows successful rollouts in Iraq and Libya by Bentley Walker.

The iDirect-based DVB-S2X desktop modem will allow users to access high-throughput broadband internet using Avanti’s Hylas High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

According to a press release from Bentley Walker, the DVB-S2X service adds, “new functionality including software that allows resellers the flexibility to activate, upgrade, downgrade, change and find location. Additionally, customers will have more access to multiple performance indicators to help in the management and delivery of more efficient operations.”

Bentley Walker have also announced that they will rollout a similar service in Africa later in 2018 using their U.S.$1 million bandwidth commitment on Avanti’s Hylas-4 HTS, due to be launched from French Guiana in March 2018.

Hylas-4 will provide coverage over Europe and Africa using 64 Ka-band fixed beams and four steerable beams, enabling Bentley Walker’s expansion into the African continent.

“We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Bentley Walker with their deployment of iDirect DVB-S2X in Afghanistan, and we look forward to being their trusted partner in more markets with the launch of HYLAS 4,” said Enrico Leonardi, Chief Sales Officer of Avanti Communications.

Anthony Walker, CEO of Bentley Walker, said, “This is another great extension to our business using Avanti’s Ka-band satellite capacity and iDirect game-changing DVB-S2X technology, placing us at the forefront of the market. We have already gained a number of new clients including military and corporate customers who demand higher throughput and greater efficiencies. We look forward to working with Avanti and iDirect on our continued market expansion into Africa.”

David Harrower, Vice President Global Sales, VT iDirect, said: “We are pleased to enable Bentley Walker to extend their reach throughout the world with our DVB-S2X technology. Our next generation iQ Series of remotes were built to introduce a new level of performance and flexibility for our partners, and greater throughputs and a seamless upgrade path for their end customers.”



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