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UAE’s NorthTelecom Celebrates 10 Years in Service

NorthTelecom teleport – Credits: NorthTelecom

NorthTelecom Group is proud to announce its tenth year anniversary as leading satellite service and solution provider. In an era of satellite communications, NorthTelecom has achieved a decade of innovation and steady growth.

NorthTelecom began operations in 2007 in Dubai when Hadi Nazari Mehrabi, the company’s founder and CEO, released leading edge satellite communication services and solutions to meet customers demand all across the spectrum.

The early success of NorthTelecom indicated a growing demand for satellite communications. Seeing the opportunity, NorthTelecom introduced most recent and updated ICT concepts to deliver most reliable and efficient services and solutions to key industries. During this time, the company also added seven teleport operations and 12 international points of presence which serving for more than 100 partners globally in present-time.

As a reward for the company achievements and contribution in the satellite and telecommunication industry, NorthTelecom was awarded by ASBU the Satellite Service Provider of the year for 2014.

Most recently NorthTelecom has introduced leading Malaysian telecommunication company ScopeTel as part of NorthTelecom Group of Companies, which added extra credibility to the company to conquer the APAC market and offers a growing line of its products and services to the region, giving customers in that part of the world exceptional telecommunication solutions.

NorthTelecom’s continual success of existing products and services reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering pioneering solutions for partners worldwide.

“People ask us how we continue growing within ten years in this very competitive industry. Our answer is because North Telecom is not resistant to change. We adopt the new technologies in order to deliver more efficient services to our clients, it is one of our method to success. During the 10 years of operation, we grab every opportunity and take advantage of it. We are innovating our operations for faster global market penetration and improving customer experience. Our customer-centric approach is our core value. I am proud to be part of this game changer team,” states the founder and CEO Hadi Nazari.

As NorthTelecom’s customer base has expanded during its ten years history, the company will continue looking into even more further global reach to fulfill its corporate mission “communication all over the world.”

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