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Arabsat to Broadcast MBC Pro Sports and MBC HD Bouquet

Arabsat’s Badr-5 satellite. Image courtesy of Airbus Defence and Space.

Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC) High Definition (HD) bouquet and MBC PRO SPORTS are being exclusively broadcasted via the  Arabsat satellite fleet on the orbital position 26°E, with full coverage over the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), ending any broadcast of these channels on other satellite operators over the MENA region. This shift comes as an incremental step for all MBC channels to be broadcast on Arabsat satellites based on the strategic partnership agreement signed by Arabsat and the MBC Group back in August 2016.

“Today we are proceeding with what we have started back on August 2016 when we inaugurated our strategic partnership with Arabsat by broadcasting MBC HD bouquet and MBC PRO SPORTS exclusively on Arabsat satellites, sustaining the shift process of broadcasting MBC channels on Arabsat,” said Sam Barnett, CEO of the MBC Group.

“We are aiming at completing our shift to Arabsat to provide our viewers with an incredible range of  safe and anti-piracy TV entertainment with crystal clear picture and sound quality using the latest broadcasting technology available around the clock,” added Barnett.

“We are extremely proud of MBC’s trust in Arabsat satellite capabilities and extremely happy, at the same time, with the developing of our strategic partnership with the Group that goes back to the beginning of satellite TV broadcasting in the region. This agreement will further grow our HD neighborhood and will reinforce our HD dominance in MENA, turning our exclusive orbital position 26 ͦ E into the favourable destination for the Arab viewer. We are currently working closely with many other TV entities to broadcast exclusively on Arabsat satellites,” said Khalid Balkhyour, President and CEO of Arabsat.

“We are also working with the MBC Group on many other projects and participating together in various local and international conferences and seminars for fighting piracy and safeguard the intellectual property rights regarding the media content. Actually, our agreement with the MBC Group includes more promising arrangements that will be implemented throughout the year with pleasant announcements to our viewers in due time,” added Balkheyour.

Original published at: https://spacewatch.global/2017/05/arabsat-broadcast-mbc-pro-sports-mbc-hd-bouquet/

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