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#SpaceWatchME Forecast: SpaceForum 2017 – To the Conquest of Space

Following the success of last year’s edition and with the multiplication of space initiatives launched by the Luxembourg government and Minister Etienne Schneider, Space Forum is back for a new edition entitled “From Space Application to Space Exploration”. Local and international space professionals will gather at the European Convention Center, Luxembourg (ECCL) to discuss mobility, mobile internet, planetary defense, space mining, exploration, data, new space opportunities and space innovation in general, on May 9th and 10th.

Improving space communications

As telecommunications on Earth are constantly improving, the need to be effective in developing new space communications has reached record levels over the last decades. Having access to Internet anywhere in the world has therefore become one of the biggest issues of our time. Steve Collar from O3b Networks will discuss the importance of bringing Internet access to the “other 3 billion” with a focus on modern telecommunications by satellite. With the participation of Sam Scimemi (Director for International Space Station (ISS), NASA Headquarters), David Quancard (COO, Airbus Safran Launchers), Patrick Biewer (CEO, LuxGovSat) and Jacques Breton (Senior Vice President Sales & Customers, Arianespace), new opportunities for mobile satellite communications and data mining are to be developed.

Managing data

From Earth observation to the Internet of Things, including connectivity, navigation service, geo-localization etc., data management is the cornerstone of innovation in space technologies. The half-day dedicated to Data fusion is the opportunity to share ideas and space industry knowledge giving key information about partnerships, space cybersecurity and new data management systems. To discuss these topics through various fields of applications, Nicolaus Hanowski (Head, Ground Segment & Mission Operations Department , ESA), Gary L. Martin (Director of Partnerships, NASA Ames), Peter Küprick (Executive Vice President & Chief Platform Officer, HERE), Dr. Franziska Zeitler (Head of Department, German Aerospace Center (DLR)), Dr. Aliya Prokofyeva (Galaktika) ), Jaap Zuiderveld (VP EMEAI, NVIDIA) and Dr. Maria Rita Palattella (Senior R&T Associate in the Environmental Research and Innovation (ERIN) department, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) will gather in Luxembourg to offer the audience a unique experience.

From planetary defence to space mining

While improving space technologies is seen as a great opportunity to develop business on Earth, , it is also important to understand the threats and challenges directly linked to space and asteroids exploitation. How real is the asteroid threat? How can we prepare and defend ourselves?  What are the opportunities brought by space mining? What impact does it have on Earth businesses? How do space industries get the most out of both opportunities and threats? These questions, introduced and moderated by Clive Cookson (Science Editor, Financial Times) will bring together Simonetta di Pippo (Astrophysicist and Director, UNOOSA), Dr. Patrick Michel (Research director, CNRS), Milazzo Moses (Astrogeology Science Center) among others.  The space mining session will also deal with space mining projects that will be addressed by Chris Lewicki (President & CEO, Planetary Resources) and Jean-Jacques Dordain (Advisor,

Exploring space & finding new opportunities

Thanks to the multiplication of space initiatives over the past years, there are now new opportunities to focus on regarding the future of space. This session will feature experts from some of world’s biggest companies and agencies of the space industry: Sam Scimemi (Director for International Space Station (ISS) NASA Headquarters), Pete Worden (Chairman Breakthrough Prize Foundation; former Director of NASA Ames Research Center), Hitoshi Kuninaka (Program manager of HAYABUSA2 JAXA), George Whitesides (CEO, Virgin Galactic), Roberto Provera (Director of New Initiatives and Customer Solutions Development in the Domain Exploration and Science, Thales Alenia Space), Bertrand Baratte (Director of Space Business Unit, Air Liquide) and Daniela Dobreva-Nielsen (Business Development, AZO – Space of Innovation). As living on another planet is more than ever a burning and passionate topic, this Space Forum edition will end with Space exploration issues and the idea that one day we will live among the stars.

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