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Israel’s ImageSat International participates in Israeli International Space Week

Photograph courtesy of ImageSat International (ISI).

ImageSat International (iSi) has taken part in the spacelab project of the Ramon Foundation, where high school students get the opportunity to write scientific experiment that will be sent to be performed at the international space station.

The peak moment of this project was the competition held on Sunday, 29 January 2017, during the Israeli space week events, where the student’s experiments were judged by a panel of referees that was comprised of astronauts, ministers of the Israeli government and senior officials from NASA and the Israeli Space Agency.

The winning experiment in this competition will be sent next year to the international space station and once it returns it will be analyzed, the research publications will be published in scientific publications.

As a leading company in the space arena, iSi was happy to join the judging team.

Doron Shterman, head of the engineering department at iSi who presided on the judge panel was quoted saying: “The spacelab competition was a great experience for me, watching these young people, that will turn to be the next generation of engineers, scientists or astronauts, expressing such enthusiasm and interest towards the space arena, it’s really moving me. These kids will grow and possible break new grounds in areas we don’t even think of. This type of events create great opportunities to inspire and motivate them to dream as high as they can, and so iSi sees them as very important and so we are the first to enlist to this effort. We hope to continue and participate in such blessed events and we wish great success to the winning experiments.”

Later in the week, iSi, which has accompanied Ankori High School’s students in the past few months as part of a special educational program aimed to teach industrial engineering in school, saw in the Israel Space Week a great opportunity to unveil the fascinating field of outer space to the students, broaden their horizons and to motivate them.

As part of the Israel Space Week events all over the country, iSi set an encounter for the students with the astronaut Dr. Donald A. Thomas, PhD. Dr. Thomas presented an inspiring lecture to the students in which he spoke about his dream, which sparked at a young age, his battle to accomplish it and on his work as an astronaut.

This collaboration between iSi and Ankori High School has begun earlier at the beginning of the present academic year. Along the year the students of the industrial engineering program are getting to know thoroughly the trade of the company both in aspects of management and marketing and in the technological aspect. The studies are done by means of lectures, seminars and by expeditions to the company all of which are being held by the company’s executives including the CEO and the executive officers.

At the end of the academic year the students will be requested to write a term paper regarding marketing using the knowledge they have gained from the iSi program.
Noam Segal, iSi’s CEO, said, “I see a great importance in working with adolescents, in the stage where they are smart enough the attain knowledge but still holds the teenager’s ‘chutzpah’ which allows them creative way of thinking without much criticizing. This generation is the one to take our place and will shape our future in all fields and that is why I see this project as a blessed investment.”

Noam Segal continued to say that, “what I’m thrilled about most is the fact that we took those students who tend to study humanistic subjects and exposed them to our technological world. the common approach is to classify students to humanities and science academic disciplines and I think it’s wrongdoing, merging the two is what will broaden their horizons and will bring future breakthroughs and that is why I held such a major concern in incorporating, among marketing and management studies, contents from the fascinating technological world in which iSi partakes.”

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