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Israel’s Gilat to provide VSATs to TricolorTV and Eutelsat Networks joint service

Photograph courtesy of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.

Tricolor TV, Russia’s largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite TV provider and Eutelsat Networks satellite internet operator have launched a two-way internet access service, with broadband consumer VSATs from Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services. Gilat’s residential terminal kits are sold and serviced by NoLimit Electronics (NLE) – one of the largest distributors of electronic and related products in Russia.

Launched in September 2016, the two-way “satellite Internet” service offers consumer and professional subscribers Internet access with speeds of up to 40 Mbps downstream and 12 Mbps upstream. To connect to the service, one needs to install receiving equipment, Gilat’s Gemini broadband VSAT terminal, which can be self-installed and supports automatic service activation. Later this year, NLE is planning to offer Gilat’s Scorpio VSAT, an innovative VSAT-in-a-Box, all outdoor solution, which further simplifies self-install, maintenance and easy roof mounting.

Satellite capacity is provided by Eutelsat’s Express AMU1/EUTELSAT 36C high throughput satellite (HTS), which delivers continuous coverage throughout Western Russia. The Eutelsat service is enabled by Gilat’s scalable multi-application X-Architecture for SkyEdge II-c.

“Satellite internet” services is a modern, technological product that provides subscribers with access to high speed internet even in regions where the use of alternative access methods to the network are difficult,” said Alexey Karpov, Director of Sales and Subscriber Service at Tricolor TV. “By working together with Eutelsat Networks, and with Gilat’s broadband consumer VSATs, we can offer Russian customers high-quality and affordable broadband access to the Internet.”

“We commend Tricolor TV on the commercial launch of their groundbreaking two-way broadband service for the consumer market,” said Alexander Klimov, General Manager Russia at Gilat “We are proud to be part of this endeavor and look forward to continued close cooperation with our partners at Eutelsat and NLE in the growing Russian communications market.”

Tricolor TV is the largest digital TV operator broadcasting the TV channel package (from the Eutelsat 36A/Eutelsat 36B satellites) in the European part of the Russian Federation, as well as in the territories of the Siberian district, the Ural district and part of the Far Eastern District. At the end of 2016, the active database of subscribers of Tricolor TV reached more than 12.14 million subscriber homes, and the number of HDTV subscribers reached 8.5 million. By end of 2016 the company was ranked as 5th largest worldwide Pay TV operators (HIS Technology, 2016).

NoLimit Electronics (NLE) – reliable business partner and professional distributor of a wide range of new generation of electronics-related products, with a network of stores in wholesale and warehouse format throughout the territory of Russia. The company has a unique activity that allows collaboration with representatives of small and medium businesses as well as federal retailers. NLE own warehouses, shops and extensive logistics network ensure the implementation of the basic principle of the company – providing the maximum convenience for purchasing. NLE was founded in 2008 and today operates in 49 cities and 51 shops and service centers of the company are served by 7 distribution warehouses. As of now, the company is offering more than 20 product families.

Original published at: http://spacewatchme.com/2017/02/israels-gilat-provide-vsats-tricolortv-eutelsat-networks-joint-service/

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