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SSPI Prepares for Annual Awards Dinner

betterworldThe Better Satellite World Awards Dinner will take place on Monday, 5 December 2016 at One Whitehall Place in London, originally the official residences of the kings of Scotland when residing in England, and now a 5 star hotel. It is an intimate evening for networking and celebration in the beating heart of the British space and satellite industry, one of the most dynamic in the world.

Awards Categories

The Better Satellite World Awards are presented in four categories:

  • Economy.  Awarded to a company using satellite technologies to create a positive and profound economic impact on specific industries, countries, regions or the world.
  • Knowledge.  Awarded to an organization using satellite technologies to disseminate information that leads to improved standards of living, governance, commercial practice or international understanding.
  • Humanity.  Awarded to an organization using satellite technologies to preserve life, protect the vulnerable, improve health, expand education, reduce environmental degradation and enhance representative government.
  • Communications. Awarded to an organization or individual telling the best story of satellites creating a better world.

A single award is presented in each category.  Selection is made by an international jury consisting of members of the SSPI Satellite Hall of Fame and other distinguished industry professionals.

About the Better Satellite World Campaign

Mobile phones have satellite inside. So do TV programs and computer networks, weather reports and military operations, public safety and transportation systems, retail payments and the world’s financial markets. Satellite professionals know the immense contributions our technology makes to human welfare, commerce, government, security and safety.

And it is time we told the world about it – because too many people think of satellite only when they see a news story about a launch failure or a natural disaster where satellite is the last resort for communications. That lack of awareness has tangible results: regulatory assault on our spectrum, lack of government funding for satellite solutions to the digital divide, the customers in new markets who will never give satellite a try.

sspi_color300dpiSociety of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) has begun writing a new story. Working with partner associations and the leading companies in our business, we have a launched a campaign, How Satellites Make a Better World (www.bettersatelliteworld.com), to change the global conversation about satellite. It won’t be easy or quick – but a successful campaign will help level the playing field between satellite and its competition and expand the opportunities available to our industry.

SpaceWatch Middle East is proud to be an active supporter of SSPI.

Original published at: http://spacewatchme.com/2016/12/sspi-prepares-for-annual-awards-dinner/

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