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Space Sustainability

#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: The GLOC is ticking: Space needs a temperature raise in the fight against the climate crisis

Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

The Global Space Conference on Climate Change (GLOC 2023) arrived in Oslo last month; it was uncharacteristically interesting for a space conference. Not because it was overflowing with greatness, but because the bar for innovation and programmatic depth with space conferences has always tended to be quite low so the experience was unexpected.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: GLOC 2023 – Frustrations and Encouraging Takeaways

Namib Desert

The climate crisis keeps me up most nights. It occupies my thoughts persistently, and induces profound concern with climate-related matters, leading to intense emotional distress, sadness, and anger. I oscillate between feelings of hopelessness and experience a diminished interest and enjoyment in activities unrelated to climate and animal rights advocacy. I have to actively manage panic and anxiety attacks, depressive episodes, and there have been instances where I have felt physically ill due to the lack of action from global leaders.

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Space Café Recap: “Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland” #13

In the latest (13th) “Space Café Law Breakfast with Steven Freeland”, host Prof Steven Freeland, Emeritus Professor at Western Sydney University, and Professorial Fellow at Bond University, and Co-Host Torsten Kriening, SpaceWatch.Global’s Publisher, welcomed Ruvimbo Samanga and Dr Antonino Salmeri to a fantastic breakfast discussion at a café in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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HPS Joins Net Zero Space Initiative for Space-Tech Innovation

HPS GmbH has announced its membership in the Net Zero Space Initiative, an ambitious global movement dedicated to supporting sustainable practices and innovations in space. The Net Zero Space Initiative brings together industry leaders, organizations, and experts from various sectors to collaborate on finding concrete solutions to combat space debris

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Astroscale Contracts Share My Space for Space Risk Identification.

Share My Space has signed a new contract with Astroscale to optimally enable Astroscale to assess space objects’ attitude in LEO, a requirement for any on-orbit rendezvous. Attitude analysis of space objects is a critical factor in ensuring environmental safety, mitigating the risk of catastrophic collisions in space, and preventing further polluting fragmentation. To that effect, Astroscale has called upon Share My Space’s value-added services in orbital object attitude analysis. 

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