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Earth observation

cosine’s HyperScout selected for multiple space missions

Dutch optical and in-situ measurement space systems provider cosine’s three-in-one instrument combining hyperspectral and thermal imaging with high-level data processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, HyperScout 2, selected for the Australian Kanyini satellite mission, is now ready to be integrated into the spacecraft. The launch of the 6U CubeSat is part of the South Australia Space Sector Strategy 2030.

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KSAT’s ground network to enable Pixxel take-off

Ground network services provider KSAT, has joined forces with Earth imaging technology company, Pixxel, to support its work building the world’s highest resolution hyperspectral imaging satellite constellation, KSAT said. The company will provide access to its global ground network to enable Pixxel’s constellation to reveal key data about Earth’s health.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: LATSAT 2022 and the future of the Brazilian Satellite Market

On September 1st and 2nd of 2022, the Latin American Satellite Congress (LATSAT) took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Aerospace professionals from different parts of Brazil and the world came to participate in the two day event. Hundreds of people gathered to listen to talks about services and new technologies from the satellite market, the new space race, and the prospects for aerospace science in Latin America. The event was organized by Glasberg Communications, promoted by Teletime News and Tela Viva, and hosted by Samuel Possebon, telecommunications expert and Teletime’s editorial director.

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Spire Global signs agreement with GHGSat to monitor greenhouse gas emissions

Space-based data, analytics and space services provider Spire Global, entered into a Space Services agreement with high-resolution methane monitoring company GHGSat, to expand its satellite constellation for greenhouse gas emissions monitoring, GHGSat said. According to the agreement, Spire will launch three 16U satellites in 2023 with GHGSat’s payload aboard. 

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Space Café Singapore by Lynette Tan: Mani Thiru – Space Café on the Red (hot) Dot

The first Edition of Space Café Singapore by Lynette Tan took a closer look at the space trends in Singapore and the region. Lynette's guest is  Mani Thiru, Head of Space & Satellite at Amazon Web Services Asia-Pacific. Mani, as a new resident on the red dot talked about on what's the hottest things happening here in space right now! Mani leads the Aerospace & Satellite Solutions team at Amazon Web Services across Asia-Pacific.

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