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#SpaceWatchGL Interviews: Kai-Uwe Schrogl “This Space Summit is a game changer for Europe”

Space Summit 2023 Press Conference. Credit ESA

Seville, 10th November 2023 -  SpaceWatch.Global talked with Kai-Uwe Schrogl, ESA’s Special Advisor for Political Affairs, about the consequences of the decisions taken during the recent ESA Council at the Space Summit in SevilleKai-Uwe Schrogl acted as the coordinator for the Director General’s Proposal to ESA’s Ministers, which provides the rationale for the decisions taken and which, for the first time, was made publicly available.

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#SpaceWatchGL Exclusive interview with Dr. Josef Aschbacher after CM-22

CEO and Publisher Torsten Kriening and Chief Editor Emma Gatti had the chance to interview Dr. Josef Aschbacher, ESA's Director General, the day after the end for the Paris CM-22. Listen up the radio interview, or read the shorter version here below.

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#SpaceWatchGL Interviews: Ambassador Misztal and Professor Freeland on UNCOPUOS Working Group on Space Resources

In September 2021 the UN COPUOS Legal Subcommittee announced the creation of a working group on Space Resources. SpaceWatch.Global contributor Antonino Salmeri had the chance to talk with Ambassador Andrzej  Misztal and Professor Steven Freeland about this working group. 

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On 7 July 2021 the “European STM Conference” took place in a virtual format. Member States from the European Union and the European Space Agency together with EU institutions and ESA Executive endorsed an Outcome paper entitled “Fostering a European approach on Space Traffic Management”. Torsten Kriening talked about the results and impact of the Conference with Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl,

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#SpaceWatchGL Interviews: Dr Ziv Yekutieli on Mont4t Monitoring Space Brain

The Israeli startup medical company providing remote neurological monitoring through a smartphone application is among the selected few technologies that will go into space in early 2022. The Ax1 team’s “Rakia” (Sky) mission led by Axiom Space, the Ramon Foundation and the Israel Space Agency in the Ministry of Science and Technology,

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#SpaceWatchGL Coproduction: A Dragonfly Interview: The Raptor Demystified

Earth observation is an essential instrument for a variety of industries and government organizations. Accurate remote sensing can save time and money for different entities and improve people’s lives.  To enhance the quality of this experience, industry experts are focused on tools and resources that will ensure the future of use-case has the highest impact possible.

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#SpaceWatchGL Interviews: Kai-Uwe Schrogl “A Challenging Presidency – A Bright Perspective For Europe In Space”

With the end of the year, Germany passed on the EU Council Presidency. After six months of tumultuous political developments and an intensification of the COVID-19 crisis, Germany was able to finalize the big dossiers relevant for the next years.

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#SpaceWatchGL Interviews: My 2020 in a review – by Frank Salzgeber

SpaceWatch.Global asked its friends, staff and contributors to review 2020 and provide an outlook into 2021. These personal reviews are being published during the holiday season. This is the review interview of Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures Office at the European Space Agency (ESA)

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