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NASA Receives Budgetary Support for Artemis for FY 2025

The ISS. Credit NASA

Ibadan, 12 March 2024. – The Biden-Harris Administration has released the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2025, which includes funding that will allow NASA to continue advancing its understanding of Earth and space. As a result, the budget will enable NASA to launch the Artemis II mission, sending astronauts around the Moon for the first time in more than 50 years and research Earth’s changing climate, among others.

The budget includes $7.8 billion for the Artemis campaign, which will bring astronauts to the lunar surface as part of a long-term journey of science and exploration. Furthermore, it invests $2.4 billion in the Earth Science program for missions and activities that advance Earth systems science and increase accessibility to information to mitigate natural hazards, support climate action, and manage natural resources.

The budget also provides $1.2 billion for NASA’s space technology portfolio to foster innovative technology research and development to meet NASA’s needs and support the expanding U.S. space industry. Likewise, it invests $966 million in NASA’s aeronautics program, which will develop hybrid-electric jet engines, lightweight aircraft structures, and a major new flight demonstrator to pave the way for new commercial airliners that would be cheaper to operate and produce less pollution.

The budget also funds the continued operation of the International Space Station, a vehicle to safely de-orbit the space station after it retires in 2030, and the commercial space stations that NASA will use as soon as they become available, and provides $46 million to the Minority University Research and Education Project.

Speaking on the budget, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said, “President Biden’s budget will fund our nation’s abilities and leadership for the future of space exploration, scientific discovery, cutting-edge technology, climate data, the next generation of aeronautics, and inspiring our future leaders – the Artemis Generation.”

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