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LeoLabs Raises Funding to Deliver Space Operations Insights

LeoLabs Radar Close Up; Credits: LeoLabs

Ibadan, 13 February 2024. – LeoLabs has raised an additional $29 million in financing to scale up the delivery of insights to commercial and Government operators by further investing in advanced end-user applications and partner integrations. The round saw new investors, including GP Bullhound, 1941, and Dolby Family Ventures. This extension also enjoyed strong support from existing investors, including Insight Partners, Velvet Sea Ventures, Space Capital, MDSV Capital, and the AngelList Syndicate.

LeoLabs analytics are enabling the industry to leverage automation to keep pace with the scale of growth in LEO. For government operators, it aims to further integrate its space domain expertise and real-time insights on anomalous space activities into defense command operations.

For commercial operators, the company aims to continue delivering the most reliable and refined orbital data and safety alerts available to inform mission planning and operations. In addition, LeoLabs will scale its safety capabilities to build the foundational layer of the next generation of space traffic coordination currently in development by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Dan Ceperley, CEO and co-founder of LeoLabs said of the investment, “This investment enables us to accelerate this effort by bolstering our data architecture and system software. We’re eager to continue serving the space sector as a key operational partner and enable its growth in an emerging era of tens of thousands of satellites.”

The CEO also added, “With the unprecedented growth of satellites in low Earth orbit, enhanced safety and security solutions are critical. We’ve built a responsive layer of artificial intelligence algorithms that turn the real-time data collected by our all-weather, 24/7 sensor network into continuous and reliable insights for space operators.”

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