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SSC and Microsoft Partner for USSF Collaboration Platform

SSC’s USSF-52 mission. Credit: SSC

Ibadan, 8 January 2024. – Space Systems Command (SSC) has renewed its partnership with the Microsoft Corporation to apply the latest commercial innovations to Space Force missions. The Integrated, Immersive, Intelligent Environment (I3E) is a follow-on to the Immersive Digital Facility (IDF) prototype. The I3E contract is worth $19.8 million and has a one-year period of performance starting Dec. 1 and a reserved scope for an additional three years.

The parties believe that the contract will mature the digital ecosystem’s capabilities and deliver cutting-edge capabilities to enhance the Space Force’s mission effectiveness.

Microsoft constructed the I3E on an Azure cloud infrastructure, consequently presenting a flexible and secure platform which can support a wide range of Space Force missions. Furthermore, it currently hosts various high-powered capabilities, including physics-based space environment & satellite simulation, space intelligence collection & scheduling, strategic orbital wargaming, and augmented reality space simulation.

Speaking on the contract, Ms. Shannon Pallone, program executive officer for Battle Management Command, Control and Communications (BMC3), commented, “Leveraging emerging game-changers like I3E enhances our ability to gain situational awareness and enable decision-makers to act at a higher velocity than our adversaries”.

Ms Pallone also added, “Within BMC3, we are investing in a digital environment to include I3E to facilitate and expedite the development, assessment, and delivery of improved space capabilities to enhance capability integration across the USSF’s Field Commands and mission partners.”

The I3E is pursuing accreditation to hold Unclassified and Classified information. As a result, it will allow SSC to move these prototype capabilities into operations. Additionally, by leveraging widely adopted commercial standards and best practices, the I3E can quickly and securely integrate new capabilities to help the Space Force keep pace with adversaries.

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