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Redwire Wins Blue Origin Contract to Develop ROSA Wings

ROSA Wings. Credit: Redwire

Ibadan, 23 January 2024. – Redwire Corporation has announced winning a contract to develop and deliver four Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) wings, along with multiple Argus cameras and Low Voltage Distribution Units (LVDUs) for Blue Origin’s multi-orbit space mobility platform, Blue Ring.

The ROSA wings will power the Blue Ring platform across a variety of missions focused on in-space logistics and delivery in medium-Earth orbit and beyond. Furthermore, ROSA’s high stowed volume efficiency, configuration flexibility, and heritage provide a unique solution for the Blue Ring architecture.

Speaking on the contract, Redwire Chief Growth Officer Mike Gold said, “Redwire is proud to be a key mission enabler for the innovative Blue Ring platform. The breadth of capabilities Redwire is providing for Blue Ring leverages decades of spaceflight heritage and a steadfast commitment to innovation and reliability.”

The Argus space camera system enabling Blue Ring is a modular imaging system that has previously flown on low-Earth orbit missions and will also fly as part of NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services lunar landers. Moreover, Redwire camera systems captured the stunning imagery from NASA’s historic Artemis I mission.

ROSA technology continues to be a key mission enabler for innovative spaceflight platforms and critical Government and commercial missions. For example, the Company has deployed six ROSAs on the International Space Station (ISS), with two additional ROSA wings in production. Redwire is also building ROSA wings for the Power and Propulsion Element for the NASA-led Gateway program, a vital part of the agency’s Artemis mission.

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