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Space Café Radio – Karman Special – Space Culture with Aoife van Linden Tol

Credit: Aoife Van Linden Tol

This episode of Space Cafè Radio inaugurates our Karman mini-series, produced in collaboration with the Karman Project. The Karman Project every year selects 15 fellows from around the world to foster trust, cooperation, and dialogue between global leaders in space.

Our first guest is Aoife Van Linden Tol,  artist and founder of Ferral. In conversation with Editor in Chief Emma Gatti, Aoefe  shared her view about the importance of culture creation in space, and the need for equitable access and influence.

Thanks to her background as an artist involved in the space industry, she is able to articulate the challenges faced by the creative industries in space and the potential impact they can have. Her views  highlights the need for collaboration and the importance of protecting and preserving our planet.

Space Café Radio brings you talks, interviews, and reports from the team of SpaceWatchers while out on the road. Each episode has a specific topic, unique content, and a personal touch. Enjoy the show, and let us know your thoughts at [email protected]

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