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Horizon Technologies Receives UKSA Amber Mission Grant

Horizon Technologies
Credit: Horizon Technologies

Ibadan, 20 October 2023. – Horizon Technologies has announced a £1.2 Million grant from the UK Space Agency as part of a £2.8 Million total program called the Amber Phoenix Mission. The Phoenix Mission will see another Amber RF (Radio Frequency) Earth Observation payload launched into orbit in mid-2024. The Company made the announcement at an event at the Army-Navy Club in London.

Amber is a space-based data service that will play a key role in detecting “dark vessels” such as those evading sanctions against Russia, Iran, etc., illegal fishing, smuggling (people and goods), transshipments, and refugees. Furthermore, the Amber Phoenix Mission satellite will be the first of a proposed constellation of more than 20 Amber payloads in orbit. The constellation will consequently provide worldwide RF data to the Joint Maritime Security Centre (JMSC) and other customers with 30-minute latency. Some Amber payloads will also be integrated and deployed on EO and SAR satellite constellations to provide tip and cue capabilities to end users.

Dr Paul Bate, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency, said: “Tracking vessels attempting to avoid detection is a complex challenge, but one that Horizon Technologies can help solve with their ground-breaking technology. Our support for the new Amber Phoenix Mission will develop a new capability to improve space-based maritime intelligence data services and catalyst further investment into the growing UK space sector. “I’m looking forward to seeing Horizon Technologies launch many more satellites in the future.”

Likewise, Horizon Technologies CEO John Beckner noted that “the ability to proliferate Amber payloads into other constellations will  give us lots of extra “Looks Per Day” (LPD) around the planet, resulting in more revenue for Horizon and our partners.”

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