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The UK Joins Horizon Europe Under a New Bespoke Deal

The UK
Credit: The UK

Ibadan, 8 September, 2023. – The UK can now participate in Horizon Europe and Copernicus programs through a bespoke new agreement with the EU. The deal that the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, secured comes with improved financial terms for the country’s participation. It allows researchers from that region to apply for grants and bid to take part in projects under the Horizon program, with certainty that the UK will be participating as a fully associated member for the remaining life of the program to 2027.

Once adopted, the United Kingdom will also be able to join the governance of EU programs – which they have been excluded from over the last three years. Furthermore, UK researchers will be able to lead consortia in the next work program of Horizon Europe projects.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “Innovation has long been the foundation for prosperity in the UK, from the breakthroughs improving healthcare to the technological advances growing our economy. With a wealth of expertise and experience to bring to the global stage, we have delivered a deal that enables UK scientists to confidently take part in the world’s largest research collaboration program – Horizon Europe. We have worked with our EU partners to make sure that this is the right deal for the UK, unlocking unparalleled research opportunities, and also the right deal for British taxpayers.”

In addition, the United Kingdom will also associate with Copernicus, the European Earth Observation program. This will provide the country’s earth observation sector with access to unique data – valuable to helping with early flood and fire warnings, for example – and with the ability to bid for contracts, which they haven’t been able to access for three years.


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