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German Federal Government Enacts New Space Strategy

EU Space
Credit: ESA

Ibadan, 28 September 2023 – The German Federal Government, through the federal cabinet, have approved a new space strategy. The new space strategy recognizes the increasing importance of space for society, focusing on current and future challenges. In addition, this new strategy places particular emphasis on advancing private-sector initiatives in space, known as New Space – the use of space applications to combat climate change and responsible and sustainable actions related to space.

Dr. Anna Christmann, the Federal Government’s Coordinator for German Aerospace: “Space may seem very distant to many people, but it is central to our security, the protection of our planet, and our daily lives. The challenges of the 21st century also require 21st-century technologies. With the new space strategy, the Federal Government acknowledges the relevance of space for Germany and Europe. Dr. Christmann further stated, “In Germany, we have strong, established players in space, an excellent medium-sized sector, and emerging new start-ups. The high global dynamics also present us with new tasks to remain a strong and innovative space location. We want to better utilize the potential for climate protection and avoid space debris.”

The strategy identifies nine fields of action for the German Federal Government. These action fields include:

  • European and international cooperation
  • Space as a growth market – High-tech and New Space
  • Climate change, resources, and environmental protection
  • Digitalization, data, and downstream
  • Security, strategic capability, and global stability
  • Sustainable use of space
  • Space research
  • International space exploration
  • Space in dialogue and talent acquisition

The new space strategy has emerged from an extensive participation process. To capture the interests of the entire space community, experts from research, industry, and civil society were specifically involved, in addition to the departments.

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