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Exploration Company and Axiom Space sign Cargo Services Deal

Exploration Company
Credit: Exploration Company

Ibadan, 13 September 2023. – Exploration Company, a European commercial space company that is developing, manufacturing, and operating a reusable space capsule called ‘Nyx,’ and Axiom Space, architect of Axiom Station, the first commercial space station, announced that they have signed a cargo service pre-booking agreement. In addition, the agreement is the first time a European space capsule has been chosen by a commercial space company to develop cargo transportation services from Earth to Space and back to Earth.

As private and public organizations across the globe ramp up the development of their space capabilities, the demand for affordable and sustainable space transportation is increasing to fuel an economy in low-Earth orbit and further space exploration logistics needs. In this market, the Exploration Company’s reusable space capsule ‘Nyx’ fosters opportunities to make space logistics significantly more accessible, contributing toward European leadership in this vital area of space exploration. The capsule’s engines fueled by “green” propellants also demonstrate the company’s intention to boost the industry with more sustainable innovation.

Hélène Huby, CEO and co-founder of The Exploration Company: “We could not be prouder to be the first European space capsule manufacturer and operator to enter into an agreement for cargo services with a future space station operator. We are thankful for Axiom Space’s trust in our technology, and we cannot wait to fly Nyx to their space station and beyond. Europe and the US have been cooperating for decades in space exploration. It is wonderful that private entities, supported by their respective governments, continue this cooperation, which is so strategic for our democracies. This agreement also demonstrates to political leaders that space exploration logistics will be a significant business and that, provided we invest now, Europe can be one of the global leaders in building the new space worlds.”

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