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Spire Global Awarded $6.5 Million NASA Contract Renewal

Spire Global satellite Credits: Spire Global

London, 16.08.2023- Spire Global, provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, announced on the 9th of August that it was awarded a $6.5 million, 12-month contract renewal to continue participation in NASA’s Commercial Smallsat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program. The contract represents a $500,000 increase from the previous award of $6 million in June 2022. 

Spire will continue to deliver its comprehensive catalogue of Earth observation data, associated metadata and ancillary information from its fully deployed satellite constellation to NASA. Through the contract renewal, data collected and shared will include: GNSS radio occultation, GNSS Reflectometry data, space weather measurements of electron density and scintillation, satellite state vector, altitude and precise orbit determination data, and magnetometer observations. This data will be used for weather models to improve global weather forecasting accuracy, measurements of sea ice, soil moisture, and ocean surface wind speed, as well as monitoring of the ionosphere and reacting to space weather events. 

Spire has provided Earth observation data to NASA’s CSDA program since 2018. With the contract extension Spire’s comprehensive data will be available to all US Government-funded research and federal agencies for scientific purposes. 

“The CSDA Program provides essential Earth observation data that plays a vital role in addressing key challenges faced by U.S. government agencies and researchers, including climate change,” said Chuck Cash, Vice President of Federal Sales at Spire. “This program exemplifies the power of collaboration between the private and public sectors in expediting our journey towards constructing a stronger and more sustainable future.”

Spire will provide rolling access to 12 months of GNSS science data with a 30-day latency.

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