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KSATlite South Korea network expansion

KSATlite network expansion, adding new ground station in South Korea. Credit KSAT
KSATlite network expansion, adding new ground station in South Korea. Credit KSAT

London, 29 June 2023.- Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT), provider of ground network services and Earth Observation services, has announced the expansion of its KSATlite network with the addition of a new cutting-edge ground station in Jeju, South Korea. 

The newly established ground station in South Korea is equipped with three standardised KSATlite ground systems. This ground station represents KSAT’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. The new ground station reflects KSAT’s ambition to provide reliable and efficient satellite communication solutions to customers worldwide. 

The location of the South Korean ground station will enhance KSATlite’s capabilities to support a wide range of satellite missions with real time requirements, including Earth observation and telecommunication. The network intends to offer solutions for Smallsat operators to maximise their mission’s potential by capturing and transmitting data with seamless efficiency. 

By establishing a presence in key location worldwide, the KSATlite network aims to provide customers with enhanced flexibility, reliability, and coverage optimised for constellation operators. 

The expansion of the KSATlite network is a result of the close and good collaboration with Contex as site owner in Jeju and local partners in South Korea.

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