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14th IAA Symposium – Day 3 – Interview with Dr Anja Nakarada Percujlic and Dr. Julian Scharnagl, Endurosat

On day 3 of the 14th IAA Symposium in Berlin, Torsten Kriening spoke with Dr Anja Nakarada Percujlic, Business Development DACH and Dr. Julian Scharnagl, Technical Head at Endurosat about their new location in Berlin, the current missions and their search for new talents.

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Airbus SKYNET 6A. Credit Airbus

Airbus selects UK NSTF for SKYNET testing

Airbus announced on the 11th of May that it has selected the National Satellite Test Facility (NSFT) at Hartwell in Oxfordshire to carry out the comprehensive test campaign on the UK Ministry of Defence’s next generation secure communications satellite SKYNET 6A.