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Capitol Momentum Release Report on German Microlaunchers

Credit: European Spaceflight

Ibadan, 2 February 2023. – Capitol Momentum, a German research and market intelligence Company, and UK-based space news outlet European Spaceflight have partnered to release an analysis on micro space launchers in Germany. The report is titled “The Road to the Launchpad: A Comparative Analysis of Germany’s Microlaunchers.”

The 41-page report offers unique insight into the inner financial workings and technical progress of German launch startups HyImpulse Technologies, Isar Aerospace, and Rocket Factory Augsburg. It examines the individual launch vehicles and financials, including burn rate, runway, and performance. Furthermore, it comprises funding details like size, structure, and strategy, investor analysis, and an examination of the viability
of each startup’s business model.

The report’s conclusion breaks its findings down into a SWOT analysis that concludes with the assignment of a numerical score representing each launch startup’s quality. This allows for a precise ranking of the three competitors.

According to the authors, there is a clear favorite among the three main German launch startups with regard to public perception. However, the report may take an alternative approach to this narrative with an unbiased examination of the work that has been done and the work that still needs to be done.

The report is free to download, and interested persons can download it here.

Capitol Momentum aims to foster industry growth and help to address the pressing challenges of humanity on Earth with innovative NewSpace solutions. Through its market research, analysis products, and consulting services, the Company aims to deliver quality insights that inform business, policy, and investment decision-makers across the industry.

European Spaceflight aims to be the definitive resource for all European space news and information. We hope that by documenting and promoting European space advancements and achievements, we will help ensure the continent’s place in the annals of space history.

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