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SpaceX launches new business segment Starshield

Credit: SpaceX

Edinburgh, 5 December 2022. – SpaceX has launched its new business segment called Starshield satellite services designed for US national security government use.

The service will utilize the Starlink constellation technology to support national security efforts focus on three areas. These comprise Earth observation, communications, and hosted payloads. Starshield will launch satellites with sensing payloads, while providing data and assured global communications to government users, the company said. 

Starshield will feature high-assurance cryptographic capabilities suitable for classified payloads. The satellites’ modular design makes the spacecraft capable of integrating a variety of payloads as well. In addition, the Starlink inter-satellite laser communications terminal makes it easy to integrate the system onto partner satellites.

The new business segment emerged after SpaceX offered Starlink satellite services to Ukraine, demonstrating its capabilities in a combat zone. The US Air Force has also utilized Starlink services to support its units in Europe and Africa.

SpaceX has already launched 3,500 first-generation Starlink satellites and just received licensing approval for its Gen2 spacecraft.

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