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Join Generation Space on December 4th

As it is no longer if but when we are going to set foot on Mars, we should really start having an open discussion as to what kind of society shall we build there. Will space exploration help us to evolve both collectively and individually? And most importantly, how will it transform our society here on Earth?

Singularity University Frankfurt am Main together with InnovaSpace will try to find answers to these questions – and more – at an event called Generation Space, happening online on December 4th .

Kids and young people, entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide are invited to join the discussion and ask questions about human exploration of space. The event is particularly valuable for young people as it partners with Kids2Mars, a project which provides global open access to space knowledge focused on human exploration of the Red Planet.

Generation Space has already confirmed Dr. Frank Zimmermann (ESA Business Incubation Center), Dr. Joan Vernikos (former Director of Life Sciences at NASA), Vladimir Pletser (Space Operations Training Director of Blue Abyss), Rochelle Velho (Medical Officer for the Mars AMADEE18 mission) among speakers and there are more to come.

The event will be divided into 4 panels of 1 hour each, covering the areas of Exponential Technologies, Space Health, Life-long Space Learning, Moon & Mars Exploration, delivered by academics, scientists and professionals coming from international institutions, such as NASA, ESA, SGAC-UN and more. Each panel will end with a debate, and Q&A session with the virtual audience, where everyone is welcome to participate.

During the event all participants will have an opportunity to interact with each other, make new connections and learn new things. The online networking area will allow attendees to pick a themed room and join there by listening, chatting or having a video call.

If you are curious about our future on Mars, or want to discuss ideas related to space exploration, head over to and secure your seat.

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