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Space Impulse Signs First Premium Member: Price Forbes

Image courtesy of Space Impulse.

Industry insurer commits early as Space Impulse crosses 100-member milestone

The UK’s Space Impulse’s online ecosystem for the space industry has received a timely boost from London insurance broker Price Forbes, which recently partnered with the platform as a premium member.

The goal of the platform is to digitally host thousands of industry participants in any category or location, allowing them to meet, trade, and transact throughout the extended space industry supply chain. Most membership benefits are free, including tools for listing products and services, connecting with other members on the platform, and managing space missions and projects.

“The key premium benefit is promotional,” said Space Impulse co-founder and CEO, Rabi Boundi. “We crossed the hundred-member milestone with targeted invites, and got very positive feedback from our early adopters. Price Forbes was one of them, and with their positive experience of the platform and seeing the early adopter momentum, we made a compelling case for them to sign on early as a premium member in insurance for space projects.”

“Networking and negotiation of business by enterprises is increasingly being conducted online, especially in the more complex and global supply chains. Space Impulse provides an optimum platform in the space industry that enables us to market our services in a completely transparent way for all those who never knew about the importance of risk management and mitigation.” said Miguel Calvete, Director at Price Forbes & Partners. “Space Impulse is playing an important role in the space industry, which perfectly complements our outlook on online platforms.”

Space Impulse was founded in part to be a compelling industry alternative to face-to-face meetings and trade shows. Such traditional business practices have always involved significant time, cost, and potential risk. The unprecedented threat of COVID-19 is now showing how profoundly significant the value of such a platform has become.

“In light of the current crisis, Space Impulse offers immediate capability in the absence of small and large business networking meetings and events being cancelled around the world,” said Boundi. “Our goal and capacity is to host thousands of businesses who have cancelled travel and meetings. Space Impulse can revive and preserve all of that potential virtually as a global hub of space industry business activity and opportunity.”

“The current environment has brought a more acute awareness of risk management and mitigation for business enterprises, so we are especially fortunate to inaugurate premium membership on the Space Impulse platform with Price Forbes, who are a leading risk mitigation specialist in the space industry.”

Space Impulse, based in London, UK, was founded with a mission to lower space industry costs and accelerate times to orbit on a global B2B marketplace platform, helping to clear and widen the pathway linking Earth and space, and empower a thriving and expanding space industry ecosystem.

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