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Australia’s Myriota Taps Motherson To Manufacture Myriota Module For Satellite IoT Connectivity

Myriota and Motherson executives at the contract announcement. Photograph courtesy of Rosina Possingham/Myriota.

Myriota, global leader in nanosatellite Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, has entered into a partnership deal with global manufacturer Motherson to produce its Myriota Module; a cutting edge, low powered device that securely transfers data to the Myriota Network of satellites from anywhere on the planet.

Production is well underway, with Motherson already manufacturing tens of thousands of Myriota Modules. The units are being manufactured at Motherson’s South Australian design and manufacturing facility, and subsequently delivered across the globe. Myriota’s growing list of partners and customers include Optus, Amazon’s AWS and Boeing. It is the first partnership that Motherson has entered into with a space or Internet of Things (IoT) business within Australia; enabling Motherson to expand its business into these industries.

Dr. David Haley, Myriota Co-founder and CTO, says the collaboration shows that it’s possible to keep design and manufacturing within South Australia.

“Myriota and Motherson are examples of two South Australian businesses excelling in their respective industries,” Dr. Haley said.

“Our partnership demonstrates that manufacturing capabilities in South Australia – which once primarily served the automotive industry – have diversified into new sectors, including Australia’s growing space sector,” added Haley.

Sam Vial, Motherson Business Development Director for Asia Pacific, says the partnership is an important step in diversifying its business.

“We’re thrilled to become Myriota’s manufacturing partner and expand our operations to include the space and IoT sectors.  This partnership will help to sustain jobs in our South Australian facility, with products being both designed and manufactured locally.”

Motherson will be manufacturing millions of units of the Myriota Module in South Australia over the next five years. Built on an edge computing platform, the Myriota Module allows for third party integration with a huge range of sensors and devices. These devices communicate directly with Myriota’s nanosatellites to provide sensor data updates on valuable resources to a wide range of businesses.

One of the first customers to benefit from the partnership is Zepiro™. The Australian business recently purchased their first order of Myriota Modules for use by clients in the mining sector, and their COO, Damien Cox, says that they’re very excited about the potential.

“The Myriota Module provides a great market opportunity for our business in industries like mining and agriculture where long-endurance remote resource monitoring is vital. The low-cost and robust nature of this technology allows us to economically retrieve critical telemetry from difficult to access locations,” he said.

The Honourable Steven Marshall MP, Premier of South Australia, said he was excited to see South Australian manufacturing being leveraged in order to grow the state’s space industry.

“This is yet another example of two companies collaborating across this exciting, high-growth industry in our state, creating the jobs of the future,” said the Premier.

“Myriota is a proud South Australian company now making an impact on an international scale. Partnerships like this bolster South Australia’s reputation as a global leader across the space sector, attracting even more national and international companies to invest in our state,” Premier Marshall added.

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