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Australia’s Sky and Space Global Signs Agreement With Foundation Busie Suriname

Image courtesy of Sky and Space Global.

Sky and Space Global Ltd. (SAS), the New Space narrowband satellite communications company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), announced on 3 September 2018 that it has signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with Surinamese Internet Service Provider – Foundation Busie Suriname (FBS).

FBS provides connectivity service solutions to individuals and businesses in rural Suriname, South America, after the Telecomms Authority Suriname granted the company its Internet Service Provider (ISP) license in 2016. Because of Suriname’s geographic location and the number of inhabitants outside of large cities, Internet and digital connectivity services are unreliable and expensive in Suriname. A full-blown commercial agreement between SAS and FBS would enable the provision of affordable Internet and digital connectivity services to a currently underserviced region, and bridge the Digital Divide in Suriname. The binding MoU formalises the commercial and technical cooperation between SAS and FBS and the start of discussions regarding the provision of SAS’s narrowband satellite connectivity services to the South American country.

The binding MoU includes a commitment by FBS to utilise a minimum number of devices and services. The MoU also includes the option to scale up the number of devices and services to meet FBS’ requirements. The first of its kind in the South American region between a global satellite provider and a connectivity provider, the binding MoU provides further validation SAS’s nanosatellite narrowband connectivity platform and is a sign of growing market trust in the company and its technological capabilities.

Sky and Space Global’s Managing Director and CEO, Meir Moalem, said, “After a successful demonstration at the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) conference in Guyana last month, I am pleased to announce we have secured an agreement with a Surinamese local internet provider. This further validates the capabilities and strong performance of our 3 Diamond nanosatellite network, and I look forward to where the discussions lead”.

“We continue to explore and build our relationships within the South American region and I am confident we will be able to secure many more agreements of this kind in the coming years,” he added.

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