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Russia’s Glavkosmos Announces Joint Project on Small Satellites With MAI and Center Spatial de Liege

Glavkosmos, MAI, and Centre Spatial de Liege representatives. Photograph courtesy of Glavkosmos.

On 10 April 10 2018, the Moscow Aviation Institute (a national research university) hosted a tripartite meeting of Glavkosmos, MAI, and representatives of the Liege Space Center (Centre Spatial de Liege).

The meeting was under the actively promoted Glavkosmos initiative on collaboration with leading Russian universities in the development of advanced space technologies. To be more precise, the discussion was dedicated to the joint design, manufacture, and launch of CubeSats.

It is expected that in this collaboration the Centre Spatial de Liege, located in Belgium, will develop an optical payload operating in the infrared range. The task of the MAI will be to design, manufacture, and test a CubeSat bus.

Glavkosmos will perform overall coordination of the project and will provide a launch of the CubeSat on the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle.

In addition, the parties also talked about potential cooperation opportunities, outlined the way forward on the CubeSat project, and visited the laboratories of the Aerospace Institute and the Research Institute of Applied Mechanics and Electrodynamics of the MAI.

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