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UAE Space Agency discusses use of space technology for agriculture with Japan

Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al-Ahbabi, Director General of the UAE Space Agency. Photograph courtesy of ArabianBusiness.com
Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al-Ahbabi, Director General of the UAE Space Agency. Photograph courtesy of ArabianBusiness.com

The UAE Space Agency has explored ways of strengthening bilateral relations and supporting the vision of cooperation in applying space technology to the agricultural sector. The developments were discussed during an official visit by senior officials from the Japanese government to the Space Agency headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

HE Dr Khalifa Al Romaithi, Chairman of the UAE Space Agency, welcomed the delegation, which was led by H.E. Yoshitaka Sakuranda, member of the Japanese House of Representatives. The Japanese side also consisted of Hiromichi Watanabe, a member of the Japanese House of Representatives and members of the Japanese Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations, including Tsumotu Koizumi, President of the Federation; Hiroyuki Kuno, Executive Director; Kiochiro Nakamura, Section Chief, Economic Division; Kengo Ito, Deputy Director, Better Living Guidance Division; Yuya Monji, Assistant to the Section Chief, Better Living Guidance Division.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed mutually beneficial applications of the latest space technologies to the agricultural sector. Climate change and high energy costs were also key elements of the agenda.

Satellites equipped with remote sensing technology provide modern uses for surveying and mapping, as well as early detection of diseases or infestations in agricultural areas. Remote sensing also has an application in monitoring plant growth and activity, irrigation requirements and environmental conditions.

HE Al Romaithi said: “The discussions came in the context of previous meetings between the UAE Space Agency and representatives from a number of states, space agencies and other relevant bodies. These meetings serve to strengthen the position of the UAE within the global space sector, improve related national capabilities and support a number of other business and manufacturing sectors.”

He added: “Satellite technology has made tremendous contributions to the development of agricultural and irrigation operations, having reduced costs and improved crop quality through more effective use of pesticides. In this regard, we explored the latest technologies and current capabilities of our two countries with the Japanese delegation.”

Original published at: http://spacewatchme.com/2016/09/uae-space-agency-discusses-use-space-technology-agriculture-japan/

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