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BlackSky Wins US DoD Contract for Moving Target Study

Three images in rapid succession over Port Elizabeth, South Africa, on August 10th, 2020. Credit: BlackSky

Ibadan, 5 March 2024. – BlackSky Technology Inc. has won a multi-million dollar contract in support of the U.S. Department of Defense to collect and annotate thousands of BlackSky multi-frame burst images to train moving target artificial intelligence models for commercial motion imagery.

BlackSky collects its multi-frame burst images in rapid succession during a single satellite pass over an area of interest. Capturing multiple view angles within a matter of seconds, burst imagery can help to generate 3D volumetric products and very accurate movement-oriented detection analytics. Furthermore, burst imagery, along with all BlackSky offerings, can uniquely be captured from early in the day to late in the evening.

The contract provides subscription-based access to the BlackSky Spectra® tasking and analytics platform. The customer expects to use BlackSky’s high-cadence, low-latency imagery and automated analytics to support customer-approved exercises, technology demonstrations and operations.

Speaking on the contract, Patrick O’Neil, BlackSky’s chief technology officer, said, “We are taking BlackSky’s industry-leading ability to monitor moving objects from space another step forward by enhancing analytic accuracy and the ability to recognize patterns of life.” The Chief Technology Officer also added, “This foundational work will tentatively help decrease the time to develop moving target algorithms for other related customer-led initiatives.”

BlackSky is a real-time, space-based intelligence company that delivers on-demand, high-frequency imagery, analytics, and high-frequency monitoring of the most critical and strategic locations, economic assets, and events in the world. Furthermore, the Company owns and operates a purpose-built commercial, real-time intelligence system that combines the features of the BlackSky Spectra® tasking and analytics software platform and its proprietary low earth orbit satellite constellation.

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