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Thuraya signs maritime maintenance agreement with Singapore’s Seven Seas Electronic

Thuraya's Atlas IP terminal. Picture courtesy of Thuraya Telecommunications Company.
Thuraya’s Atlas IP terminal. Picture courtesy of Thuraya Telecommunications Company.

Dubai-based Thuraya Telecommunications Company announced on Monday, 11 April 2016, an agreement with Singapore-based Seven Seas Electronic for the provision of speedy maintenance and technical support for Thuraya’s maritime clients in the Asia-Pacific.

Seven Seas Electronic will now be able to store spare parts for Thuraya equipment as well as provide maintenance and technical support with its engineers and technicians to maritime clients that use Thuraya telecommunications products.

The agreement means that Thuraya clients can receive technical and maintenance support far more rapidly than before, decreasing down times and maintenance costs.

Thuraya recently launched its Atlas IP terminal that provides ship crews and onshore maritime managers reliable access to the Internet, enhanced connectivity, and high-speed data rates.

Commenting on the Seven Seas agreement, Randy C. Roberts, Thuraya’s Chief Innovation Officer, said, “[T]his agreement with Seven Seas Electronic aims to increase our technical and engineering support to our valued service partners in Asia Pacific. Our expanding maritime portfolio requires support whenever and wherever a vessel needs it.”

“Our maintenance partner will store spare equipment for vessels in locations that are difficult for our partners to reach. In the long-run, this new agreement will save companies time and money as support will come from within the region,” Roberts added.

The agreement with Seven Seas is indicative of Thuraya’s growing market share in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean maritime communications markets.

For Seven Seas Electronic, Amos Koh, a manager for the company, said that, “[W]e are pleased to partner with Thuraya Telecommunications to provide urgent assistance to its service partners around Asia Pacific.”

“Our engineers are fully trained in Thuraya maritime equipment and we look forward to providing this important service to customers in Singapore and beyond,” said Koh.


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