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Inmarsat And Australia’s Auxilium Partner To Provide Industrial Internet of Things Solutions

Inmarsat headquarters in London, UK. Photograph courtesy of Inmarsat.

Inmarsat, the UK-based global satellite communications company, is partnering with Auxilium, an Australian mining company, for the provision of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and communications solutions to the mining sector.

In this formal partnership, Auxilium will deploy satellite connectivity from Inmarsat in its IIoT solutions to ensure that mining companies can access IIoT and communications services regardless of remote locations and without the need to invest significant sums to build a terrestrial communications infrastructure to connect their mining operations.

“IIoT is changing the mining industry and is fast leading to the emergence of safer, more efficient and more profitable ways of working. However, many mining companies struggle to obtain the requisite connectivity for IIoT data transfer or on-site communications and are often faced with making huge investments in terrestrial infrastructure,” said Wayne Panther, Founder of Auxilium. “With Inmarsat’s satellite capability, we can eliminate the need for this investment and deliver robust and reliable connectivity that works wherever the mine is located. We reviewed several providers of satellite communications, even taking terminals and phones into the pit, and Inmarsat were the only provider whose connectivity worked wherever we were.”

Auxilium designs and manufactures technically advanced mining equipment, technology and services to support high-value mining and construction assets.  It deploys satellite connectivity to enable the seamless transition of data from mine site to the control centre, even if they are thousands of kilometres apart.

Inmarsat’s L-band satellite network offers connectivity for IIoT applications globally. Their partnership will give Auxilium’s customers access to a broad, reliable portfolio of satellite services, and will enable the provision of solutions at a lower cost, with no requirement on the part of mining companies to make significant investments in terrestrial infrastructure.

“This partnership between Inmarsat and Auxilium Systems brings the ability to improve our capabilities in delivering real-time, mine-based communications and automation to Australian mining companies and other sectors,” said Nathan Mitchell, Chairman of Auxilium Systems.  “This will lead to further improvements in efficiencies and real-time decision making that will continue to see Australian mining at the forefront of technological advances and further demonstrates Auxilium Systems’ ability to provide industry-leading solutions to our current and future clients.”

“Mining companies are under huge pressure to extract product at a profitable margin. Working with Auxilium is going to enable us to deliver solutions on a managed services model, reducing up-front investment and strain on capital expenditure budgets,” said Joe Carr, Director of Mining at Inmarsat Enterprise. “Auxilium’s expertise in creating technical solutions that solve key business challenges for mining companies is unparalleled. Combined with Inmarsat’s broad portfolio of connectivity services and the world’s most reliable satellite connectivity experience, we believe that together we can provide the mining sector with a really compelling proposition.”

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