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GomSpace to deliver KSAT’s mission control system

Arctic Weather Satellite constellation. Credit: OHB Sweden

Edinburgh, 2 May 2022. – Cubesat and small satellite solutions manufacturer and supplier GomSpace, signed a contract with spacecraft and launch vehicles communication services provider KSAT, to develop, deliver and support the company’s mission control system that will be used to operate the Arctic Weather Satellite mission, GomSpace said.

The contract is to be concluded by the end of next year with a value of €965,000.

The Arctic Weather Satellite project is funded by ESA to improve meteorology of the Arctic region using a satellite constellation. The polar-orbiting satellites will carry cross-track scanning microwave radiometers to measure atmospheric humidity and temperature.

The project’s prime contractor is OHB with Thales Alenia being responsible for the ground segment. The first satellite launch is planned for 2024.

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