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Rocket and Space Corporation Energia Started AngoSat-2 Development

Angosat 1. Photo by: RSC Energia

The AngoSat-2 satellite is to be developed by Russia for Angola to replace the failed AngoSat-1 satellite. The development the satellite has already begun in the Russian Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, TASS reports citing a source in the rocket and space industry.

The AngoSat-1 satellite was developed for Angola by the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. The spacecraft was launched by the Zenit-3SLBF rocket from the Baikonur cosmodrome on December 26, 2017. The satellite made contact after separation from Fregat upper stage, but the following day AngoSat-1 stopped sending telemetry information. In April 2018, the satellite was officially announced lost. The Russian side will spend almost $130 million on developing a new spacecraft.

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