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Thailand’s Thaicom To Provide Uniwise Offshore Ltd. With Its NavaTM Solution

Thaicom executives at the launch of the Nava maritime satellite communications service in Bangkok. Photograph courtesy of The Nation.

Uniwise Offshore Limited, a leading offshore support vessel (OSV) operator in the Asia-Pacific, has awarded Thaicom to provide NavaTM, the new high-speed broadband service for the maritime sector.

Thaicom’s NavaTM will enhance Uniwise’s operations on their entire fleet of more than 30 vessels.

Uniwise Offshore will use Nava enabled high-speed connectivity and solutions to focus on operational improvements, including optimized electronic document handling, as well as ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications for safer and more cost-effective operations.

Uniwise will also be able to improve its on-board communication services including crew welfare and fleet management. The service is powered by Nava FTTSTM (Fibre-to-the-Ship) that is able to support very high data rates, providing sustained high bandwidth for operational efficiency with wide area satellite coverage across the Asia-Pacific. Thaicom’s Nava FTTS incorporates an L-band backup solution.

“The Thaicom Nava high-speed broadband connectivity solution will enable Uniwise to boost operations and improve crew welfare across our entire fleet of more than 30 ships. This will allow us to operate more efficiently and offer our crew a workplace which is always connected to high-speed Internet,” said Jon-Axel Hauglum, Senior General Manager of Operations at Uniwise Offshore. “Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the Nava broadband service, our operation can remain future-proof and competitive in the future.”

Taksin Upalagama, Director of Mobility Platform at Thaicom, said: “Nava allows operators like Uniwise Offshore to use data dependent applications while at the same time implement stricter cost control with guaranteed availability of service. Nava enables a broadband experience previously unavailable to the maritime industry due to its end-to-end service value proposition and high bit rate capability for even the most demanding applications, offering secure, resilient networks, and 7/24 customer support.”

Nava is Thaicom’s maritime broadband service platform for ship and offshore operators in the Asia-Pacific region. With the launch of the service earlier in 2018, Thaicom is expanding its broadband service platform to support the maritime industry’s digital transformation. Nava aims to enhance vessel efficiency, crew welfare and safety, and provide ‘smart ship’ applications by delivering reliable high-speed broadband connectivity.


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