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EOS wins two US Government space contracts

EOS logo. Credit: EOS

Edinburgh, 30 November 2022. – Electro Optic Systems’ subsidiary, EOS Defense Systems USA (EOSDS USA) has been awarded two contracts by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) government agency’s Office of Space Commerce, EOS said. The first of these contracts will enable commercial satellite laser ranging (SLR) data for NOAA’s Open Architecture Data Repository. Meanwhile, the second contract will provide passive electro-optical observations. 

NOAA is focusing on advancing space traffic management and space situational awareness (SSA) capabilities. For this reason, the organization is establishing an Open Architecture SSA Repository to conduct pilots and experiments. The repository will help to fulfill NOAA’s obligations under the Space Policy Directive-3, 2018. This project will ensure the safe operation of space-based vehicles among the many space objects already in orbit.

EOS has recently shown its space domain awareness (SDA) capabilities by high-fidelity, near-time image, tracking and light curve data. In addition, it also recorded and analyzed live rendezvous and proximity operation incidents between orbiting objects.

EOS offers accurate daytime and night-time surveillance from LEO through to xGEO (beyond GEO) as well. The company provides high-accuracy laser ranging to satellites and debris along with actionable information for satellite operators.   

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