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Talon and Fleet Space pilot satellite-enabled mineral exploration to help US

Talon drill core samples. Credit: Talon Metals

Edinburgh, 4 October 2022. – Metals company Talon Metals, and Australian space company Fleet Space Technologies, have agreed to pilot Fleet’s ExoSphere rapid mineral exploration solution at Talon’s high-grade nickel deposit exploration projects, Fleet Space said. Talon is aiming to supply the US domestic battery supply chain with nickel and other battery materials.

According to the agreement, Fleet will pilot its advanced seismic tomography approach to mineral discovery increasing speed and accuracy. Fleet’s ExoSphere technology integrated with Ambient Noise Tomography (ANT), scans the ground in 3D. The rapidly processed data is then transmitted via Fleet’s low Earth orbit satellite constellation. The technology speeds up vital mineral discoveries more than one hundred-fold, Fleet claims.

ExoSphere uses an array of portable and lightweight Geodes which can be transported and placed by hand. They in turn, use edge computing to analyse ambient seismic noise processed in the cloud, producing a 3D visualisation.

The agreement comes after the successful completion of live field trials in Australia, exploring non-invasively critical lithium deposits. The ExoSphere technology was introduced to the market earlier this year. It aims to answer the demand for a more sustainable, economically viable and faster way to find critical mineral deposits.

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