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GLEC 2022: New Space is key for emerging space countries


Edinburgh / Quito, 18 May 2022. – The IAF Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries (GLEC) 2022 kicked off yesterday focusing on emerging space countries.

IAF General Counsel and Full Professor of International Law at the Sapienza University of Rome, Sergio Marchisio, started with a space policy and law masterclass. “Space legislation should seek to resolve a country’s indigenous challenges,” said Melanie Majuma Munyori, legal officer of the Kenya Space Agency.

Steve Mirmina, Senior Attorney at the Office of the General Counsel, NASA, reminded participants of the challenges of space legislation. Ludovica Ciarravano, Research Fellow in Space Law at the Sapienza University of Rome explained how the creation of a regional space governance could be a useful tool. It could “produce a stable regulatory environment and increase the influence of participating countries,” she said.

Matias Campos, CEO & Founder of Astralintu Space Technologies, gave an example of why risk taking in emerging space countries was paramount. IAF Incoming President, Clay Mowry, recalled the stories of space visionaries and pioneers during his speech. 

Peter Martinez, Executive Director of the Secure World Foundation, claimed that with New Space, following one’s vision has become less difficult. Ambitious people wanting to work in space have a lot more options than NASA and ESA and their limited career opportunities. Joerg Kreisel, CEO of JKIC, said that New Space could help societies with demographic changes, communication, and geopolitics. The next generation of space entrepreneurs got the advice to focus on infrastructure replenishment, environmental issues, robotics and food revolution.

Here the link to the event:

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