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2022 Space Summit in a nutshell 

2022 Space Summit logo. Credit: ESA

Edinburgh, 17 February 2022. – European leaders confirmed their ambitious plans to work closely together to accelerate Europe as a world leader in space during the 2022 Space Summit held in Toulouse, ESA reported.

ESA, the EU and their member States will join forces to utilise the potential of space and to tackle urgent societal, economic and security challenges. ESA identified three “accelerators” to address these challenges.

“Space for a green future” will use data from Earth observation satellites to help mitigate climate change. Furthermore, it can also help in reaching a carbon-neutral economy by mid-century. “Rapid and resilient crisis response” will better use space data, cognitive cloud computing and intelligent interconnectivity in space, ESA said. This project will enable those in charge to provide vital crisis responses. The third accelerator, “protection of space assets” will work to prevent damage to the European space infrastructure.

ESA Director General, Josef Aschbacher was mandated by government ministers to initiate a discussion on a human exploration “inspirator”. Ministers also supported the idea of a sample-return mission in search of extra-terrestrial life on one of Jupiter’s or Saturn’s moons.

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